The Fiber Arts Festival is a relaxed, informal day that everyone in the family can enjoy.

reid with sheep

Fiber is anything we use to make thread.

Thread is woven or knitted into fabric.

Fabric can be used for shelter, clothing, bedding and art.

You might see demonstrations of all these techniques, and more:

  • crochet
  • carding
  • knitting
  • spinning
  • embroidery
  • weaving
  • tassel makingelaine3web
  • dyeing
  • tatting
  • braiding
  • bobbin lace
  • needle felting
  • wet felting
  • crazy quilting
  • rug hooking
  • sewing on a treadle machine





PRIZES: collect a sticker for every technique you actually try. 5 stickers earn you a prize at the exit!


You can buy all the tools and supplies to make your own fiber art, including:

  • yarn
  • fleece
  • rovingPVC wheel
  • needles
  • spinning wheels
  • looms
  • fabric
  • baskets